Paakkanaar Thottam- The Biannual Festival

Paakkanaar Thottam- A biannual festival dedicated to the legendary character Paakkanaar, is celebrated by the members in the community of Paakkanaar at Thrithala, Palakkad district, Kerala on 04/April/2014. The ritual Paakkanaar Thottam is performed throughout the night under an old tree (Kummatti kavu) on the bank of River Nila, which is believed to be the final resting place of Paakkanaar.  The festival concludes on the next day morning with a visit to the home of Agnihothri, the descendants of the Brahmin brother of Paakkanaar. 

The story of the Brahmin scholar Vararuchi in the folklore stands against untouchability practiced in ancient Kerala. Vararuchi had 12 children from his lower caste (Paraya) wife who were all abandoned and then grown up in different houses on the banks of River Nila as different castes. Many of them have stories of divine powers and extra ordinary talent.  Paakanaar was one among the twelve children of Vararuchi who was brought up in a ‘Paraya’ caste family.

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