Food fest at Oushadhi, Thrissur

Oushadhi canteen run by the Oushadhi group, the ayurvedic medicine manufacturers, started a 4-day food fest from 16 to 19th of October 2014 at Thrissur, Kerala. The fest is held in connection with the World Food Day which is celebrated every year on 16th October. The festival has healthy food items which are served accordingly on each day from a menu of 20 items.

Some of the 20 items listed by Oushadhi in the food festival are Kappa Chuttathu (roasted tapioca), Pazham chuttathu (roasted banana), Cherukizhagu puzhugiyathu (boiled bulm or rhizome), Vazhakkallu / payar thoran (a stir fry using plantain stem and long beans), Pappaya thoran (stir fry of Pappaya), Enji thairu (a mixture of curd and ginger ), Nallikka Juice (Gooseberry Juice), Jappy (a medicinal drink), Koova Virakiyathu (halwa made using arrowroot powder), Kappa Puttu (Tapioca steam cake), Ragi Kanji, (porridge mage of Ragi), Kappalandi salad (groundnut salad), Veppilakatti (a powder made using curry leaves), Nellikka chammanthi (spicy mixture made using Gooseberry), Nalikeram chuttaracha chammanth (mixture made using roasted coconut) and Ilavangam Ada (steamed caked using Cinnamon Tree leaves) .

The food fest makes the common people aware of the traditional food items of Kerala. The fest is held from 05.00 pm to 09.00 pm each day. Parcel services are also available. The Oushadhi canteen is situated in Shornur road near to Oushadhi panchakarma hospital at Thrissur.

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