Koodiyattam, the Sanskrit Theatre by Uthareeyam, Chennai

Uthareeyam, a non-profitable organization formed for the promotion of classical performing arts, situated at Chennai, Tamil Nadu, is holding its 17th stage - Koodiyattam by Kalamandalam Sangeeth Chakyar.

Sangeeth Chakyar will perform scenes from the stories -  Kailasodharanam and Parvathi Viraham on 15 March 2015 at Sree Ayyappan – Sree Guruvayurappan temple, Chennai. It is a solo acting performance from Thoranayudhankam the third part of the play Abhishekanatakam by Bhasa, one of the earliest Indian playwrights in Sanskrit.

The Play

Ravana is seen recollecting his past deeds when Hanuman had destroyed Lanka. And one of it is when he lifted Mount Kailasam.

Enraged by the words of a messenger from Vasravana - Ravana's elder brother, Ravana goes to Alakapuri and defeats Vaisravana and takes possession of Pushpakavimanam. On his journey back, the celestial chariot gets stuck at Mount Kailasam. Ravana then orders Kailasam to move away from his path. Seeing the non-responsive mount, Ravana decides to attack Kailasam. And then he lifts the whole mount in his hands. At that time there is a quarrel going on in between Lord Siva and Parvathi over goddess Ganga and Parvathi decides to leave Kailasam to her parents' home. It was when she starts the journey, Ravana lifts Kailasam. Due to the sudden jerks and vibrations, she gets scared and returns back to Lord Siva.
Siva then presses the shaky mountain with his feet, and Ravana's hands come under it. Hearing Ravana's cries, Siva understands that it was all because of Ravana, the whole mount was shaken. Pleased at this and at Ravana's devotion of him, Siva blesses with boons and the sword Chandrahasam. When Parvathi and Nandikeswara also blesses Ravana, he misbehaves with them and mocks at them. They curse Ravana.

Ravana is now aware that all thiese mishaps in Lanka are due to the curses. The play ends when Ravana keeps waiting for his brother Vibheeshana

Kalamandalam Sangeeth Chayar enacts as Ravana. He is accompanied by Kalamandalam Rahul Aravind and Kalamandalam Vijay on Mizhavu (the percussion) and Kalamandalam Aneesh on Edakka (percussion). Chutti, the make-up is done by Kalamandalam Ravikumar.

The Venue : Sree Ayyappan – Sree Guruvayurappan temple 18, Sir Madhavan Road, Mahalingapuram, Chennai – 34.
Time: 07.00 pm

For details: +91 9840347071 (Manoj), +91 9940640643 (Murali Variyar), +91 9445010171 (TN Krishna Das).

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