Varnonmeelanam - Mural Painting Exhibition at Thrissur

The exhibition of Kerala mural paintings, ‘Varnonmeelanam’, by Sarans Guruvayur and his disciples at Kerala Lalithakala Academy art gallery in Thrissur (Kerala) draws public attention. The retrospective exhibition features the works of Sarans Guruvayur and his 31 disciples done during a three-months painting camp.

The exhibition with an aim to create a new perspective among art lovers has incorporated contemporary styles in traditional mural paintings preserving the beauty and aesthetics of the art form.  Majority of the paintings done in canvas are in Kerala traditional mural painting style. The artists have taken freedom to choose the themes from the holy texts like Bible. Some innovative themes like communal harmony are also experimented in mural style. Both natural dyes and acrylic colors are used for painting.

Sarans Guruvayur who learnt mural painting from Appukuttan Kottappadi had done several exhibitions -solo and group – all over Kerala. He had experimented new concepts and various media in his paintings. “Nethronmeelanam, which means blackening the eyes of the murals, is the final stage of mural painting. It symbolizes giving life to the murals. Like that, our exhibition titled Varnonmeelanam will open up the eyes of common people by giving them a new perspective in this traditional art” says Sarans.

The exhibition which started on 30 Aug 2015 at Kerala Lalithakala Academy, Chembookkavu at Thrissur, Kerala (India) will continue till 03 Sept 2015.

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