Bommakkolu in Samooham Madoms

Navarathri festival is the commemorative festival for Hindus, based on the myth of the victory of Goddess Kali (Durga) over Mahishasuran, the Demon King who ruled the universe. Bommakolu, the festival of dolls is traditionally been celebrated by the Tamil Brahmins during the nine days of Navarathri festival. In Kerala too, there are many Tamil Brahmin settlement areas and in all these places the families celebrates Bommakkolu for generations.  

During this festival, different types of dolls mainly that of Gods and Goddesses are arranged on steps in a special place at  the home, decorated with flowers, streamers and lamps. Prayers and worship are held on all these days, especially in the evening. Apart from the dolls of Gods and Goddesses, dolls depicting the themes from the Hindu mythology like ‘Dasavatharam’, Ramayan, Village folks, birds and animals etc are also displayed.  

In the evenings, these families, especially ladies used to go to other homes to see Bommakkolu. By tradition, the visitors (ladies) are requested to sing a song which is an offering to the deities.  An eatable made of Channa, jaggery etc  is usually prepared for the evening and after dedicating this to the deity, it is distributed among the visitors, along with sweets, beetle leaves etc.

Now a day, apart from the homes, the community members jointly arrange Bommakkolu in a common place, usually in ‘Brahmana Samooham Madom’, a joint community for Tamil Brahmins in Kerala for social gathering, prayers etc.  Samooham Madoms at Alappuzha, Ernakulam, Kottayam, Thrissur, Guruvayur, Angadippuram, Kozhikode etc, now hosts Bommakkolu.  For the community members, the festive period is a best time for social networking too.

Pic & video: Tali Brahmana Samooham Madom, Tali, Kozhikode
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