Vedic Ritual Somayagam to be performed in Kerala

This is yet another chance to witness the age old tradition of Yagnas practiced by Kerala Brahmins, which to be conducted from 06 Apr to 15 Apr 2016 at Pattambi in Malappuram district in Kerala. Agnishtoma Somayagam is one of the most exalted form of Yajnas / Yagams propounded by Srautha Sasthras. According to the ritual practice, Yajamanan is the chief priest and his wife known as Yajamana Pathni, should also part take in most of the rituals. In this Yagam, Vaidhikan Cherumukk Vallabhan Namboothiri and his wife Jayasree Antharjanam will take the role of Yajamanan and Yajamana pathni respectively. Apart from the rituals Somayagam, seminars related to the Vedic knowledge and practice will be held during these days.

The Kerala style of chanting of Manthra-s has been recognized by UNESCO in 2003 as a  Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

The preparations are on and the construction of the main thatched shed is almost over. The making of many wooden and mud implements that are required for Somayagam are also completed.

Venue: Near Perumudiyur Shiva Kshethram, Pattambi, Palakkadt Dt, Kerala, India; The temple is situated just 2km from Pattambi (Pattambi is well connected by road and rail)   

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