Paintings by Tender Minds

Lalithakala Akademi Art gallery, Thrissur , witnessed the exhibition of paintings by the inmates of Abhayam, a shelter for mentally retarded people, last week.  We may call it as realistic, abstract etc. But all were just a mere reflection of the tender minds - human beings, birds, animals, trees, flowers, alphabets, holy slogans etc.  

A total of 55 paintings drawn by the inmates between the ages 20 yrs to 80 yrs participated were  displayed in the gallery. These were the outcome of a camp, which was organized by Artist P G Sreenivasan and  Sreeja Pallam one month back. The painting workshop was held at Abhayam, Koppam near Pattambi in Palakkad Dt, Kerala, in order to give some activity to engage the broken minds of the inmates.  

The exhibition was inaugurated by the famous director of Malayalam Cinemas Sathyan Anthikkad on 07 April 2016 and concluded on 09 April.

The exhibition titled ‘Chithrabhayam’was jointly organized by Dallas Malayalee Association, USA and ‘Oruma’ FaceBook Group and coordinated by Prabha Unni and Artist Sreeenivasan.

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