Kerala Museum organizing ‘Pagan Fest 2016’ in Kochi

Kerala Museum in association with Pagan Foundation conducting an international cultural event named ‘Pagan Fest’ from October 7th-11th , 2016 at Kerala Museum Edappally in Ernakulam Dt (Kerala, India).  It will be coming together of fraternity of painters, moviemakers, cinematographers, writers, photographers, theatre professionals, media personalities, musicians, artisans etc. with the objective of presenting many gifted attributes to the world. 

The Festival includes five days of Music fest (7th -11th Oct), 10 days Art Exhibition, apart from seminars on literature and science.

The art Exhibition titled ‘Another Life is Possible’, which includes Paintings, Photography and sculptures is curated by Artist Aji Adoor. The participating artists are  Jyothi Basu, Shibu Natesan, Vivek Vilasini, Murali Cheeroth, K K Muhammed, Boney Thomas, Madhu Venugopal, Radhidevi Panikker, Aziz PM, Siji Krishna, Aami Atmaja, Tom Vattakuzhy, K N Leon, Sanam, K P Reji and Aji Adoor.

The Music Fest includes the vocal concerts of famous  Carnatic Musician, Magsaysay Award winner  T.M.Krishna ,  Sreevalsan J Menon & K J Chakrapani, Thayampaka by Mattanoor Sankarankutty, Hindustani singer Madhuvanthi Narayanan, Mohanaveena by Poly Varghese,  Chakiarkoothu by Margi Madhu, Nangiarkoothu by Usha Nangiar, Pop- Rock Band,  Music by famous Musican Bijibal, John Thomas and Rex Vijayan etc. Vasudevan R Varma is the Music curator of the event.

The entire Festival is conceptualized by Pagan Art and Science Foundation, a center for convergence of ideas and studies in multi disciplinary fields of art, science, literature, music, folklore, theology and much more. It will be headed by international teams from India and abroad to work in tandem with established curators and professional talents. Sidharth Bharathan, a noted personality in the South Indian Film industry is the Festival Director.

The detailed programme is listed below.

07- 11 Oct 2016: PAGANFEST 2016
Art, Science, Music, Literature
Venue: Kerala Museum, Edapally, Kochi

07 Oct2016:
04.00pm- 06.00 pm- Triple Thayambaka by Mattannoor Sankarankutty Marar & team
06.15pm- Art Gallery Inaguration
06.45pm- 07.30pm- Ashtapathi by Balakrishnan Madakkapally
07:30 pm -10:00 pm- Carnatic & Hindustani Jugalbandhi by Sreeranjini Kodampailly 
                                  & Madhuvanti Narayan

08 Oct 2016:
10:30 am -11:30 am Lecture in Malayalam on “Swapnangalude Bhasha” by Dr. P Pavithran
11:45 am -12:30 am Lecture in Malayalam on “Kerala Kala Charithram” by Jayaram Poduval
12:45 am - 01:30 pm Lecture in Malayalam on “Pattezhuthinte Nadan Bhasha” 
                                   by Angandiyoor Chandrasekharan
04:00 pm - 05.15 pm Chakyarkoothu by Margi Madhu
05:30 pm - 07.00pm Mohana Veena by  Poly Varghese
07:30 pm - 10.00pm Carnatic Vocal Concert - Sreevalsan J Menon

09 Oct 2016:
10:30 am - 12.00 noon- Cinema (Malayalam) titled Pathinonnam sthalam
01:00 pm - 02.00 pm Post rock- Music by Metafolks
02:30 pm - 03.30 pm Fat Rocks – Music by All The Fat Children
04:00 pm - 05:00 pm Nangiarkoothu by Usha Nangiar
05:30 pm - 07:00 pm Carnatic Vocal Concert by K J Chakrapani
07:30 pm -10:00 pm Carnatic Vocal Concert by T M Krishna

10 Oct 2016:
10:30 am - 11:00 am- Robotics and cognitive systems lecture 
                                    by Dr. Roshy John Head of Robotics TCS
11:15 am -11:45 pm Easy Electronics lecture by Dr. Mathai Fenn
12:00 noon - 12.30 pm- Sustainable Alternative Energy Sources, lecture by Arun/ Anoop George
12:45 pm - 01.15 pm- Information Technology and fiber optics, lecture by Sijo George Kuruvilla
03:00 pm - 04.00 pm- Theatre Performance by Adat Gopalan Sketches
04:30 pm - 05.30 pm- Ottan Thullal by Kalamandalam Prabhakaran
05:45 pm - 07:00 pm - Psychedelic Rock- Music by Mushroom Lake
07:30 pm - 10:00 pm- Sufi songs by Sameer Binji, Imam Majboor

11 Oct 2016:
10:30 am -12:30 pm- Documentary titled Home
12:30 pm - 01:30 pm- Documentary titled Terra
02:30 pm - 03:30 pm- Short Films Short Films
06:00 pm - 07:00 pm- Down to Earth World Music
07:30 pm - 08.30 pm- World Music by RESA
09:00 pm - 10.00 pm- Alternative Rock by Avial

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