Specially Curated Film Package at KMB 2016

‘Undiplomatic Tales’- Specially Curated Film Package at KMB 2016

Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2016 will host a specially curated four-day film package by National award winning director Umesh Kulkarni that includes diploma films by students¬¬ of eight film schools across the country. Titled ‘Undiplomatic Tales’, the package contains around 13 short films that will be screened from Thursday (Feb 2) to Saturday (Feb 4) at the Pavilion in Cabral Yard, Fort Kochi.

On Sunday (Feb 5), the Kochi Biennale Foundation will present the curator’s most recent film, the Marathi-language feature Highway (2015). The screenings, which are part of the Foundation’s ‘Artists’ Cinema’ programme, will begin at 6.30 pm and will feature English subtitles.

Curator - Umesh Kulkarni

Umesh Kulkarni is a award winning filmmaker and producer known for his acclaimed films such as Vihir, Deool and Valu. He is also known for his short films, especially Girni and Three of Us, which went on to win accolades at the national film awards, Karlovy Vary Film Festival, Berlinale and other international film festivals.

Film Package
: Undiplomatic Tales
Date: February 2- February 5
Venue: The Pavilion, Cabral Yard, Fort Kochi


Day 1- February 2

‘Undiplomatic Tales’- Specially Curated Film Package at KMB 2016
1. Film: Yathayat
Director: Tribeny Rai
Institute: SRFTI, Kolkata
Duration: 22:11 mins

2. Film: Afternoon Clouds
Director: Payal Kapadia
Institute: FTII, Pune
Duration: 12:54 mins

3. Film: Saatvin Khwaish
Director: Varhun Trikha
Institute: SACA&C (CDC)
Duration: 27 mins

4. Film: Pistulya
Director: Nagraj Popatrao Manjule
Institute: DCS, Ahmednagar
Duration: 15:29 mins

5. Film: Chidiya Udh
Director: Pranjal Dua
Institute: FTII, Pune
Duration: 22:00 mins

6. Film: Bamboo Shoots
Director: Steven Imna Tumsu Ao
Institute: SRFTI, Kolkata
Duration: 10:06 mins

7. Film: A Non Vegetarian Fairy Tale
Director: Sachit Paulose
Institute: FTII, Pune
Duration: 11:00 mins

8. Film: Kula
Director: Indranil Kashyap
Institute: FTII, Pune
Duration: 27:46 mins

Total Duration: 148:43 min

Day 2- February 3
‘Undiplomatic Tales’- Specially Curated Film Package at KMB 2016

1. Film: Saaman (Monsoon)
Director: Billu Paul
Institute: SIFT, Rohtak
Duration: 29:36 mins

2. Film: Jalasayanam
Director: Gireesh Kumar K.
Institute: SRFTI, Kolkata
Duration: 10:38 mins

3. Film: Devil in the black stone
Director: Ananya Kasarvalli
Institute: L. V. Prasad
Duration: 20:50 mins

4. Film: Maine delhi nahi dekha
Director: Humaira Bilkis
Institute: SACA&C (CDC)
Duration: 19:00 mins

5. Film: Tatpashchyat
Director: Adish Keluskar 
Institute: FTII, Pune
Duration: 11:00 mins

6. Film: Prey
Director: Amjath Ashraf
Institute: K. R. Narayan
Duration: 11:33 mins

7. Film: Rishta
Director: Ajay Sharma
Institute: SIFT, Rohtak
Duration: 17:40 mins

8. Film: Kamakshi
Director: Satindar Singh Bedi
Institute: FTII, Pune
Duration: 25:00 mins

Total Duration: 146.28 mins

Day 3- February 4

‘Undiplomatic Tales’- Specially Curated Film Package at KMB 2016

1. Film: Kaatal
Director: Vikrant Pawar
Institute: FTII, Pune
Duration: 22:00 mins

2. Film: Aswara
Director: Siddharth Govindan
Institute: Shrishti
Duration: 10:07 mins

3. Film: Panchabhuta
Director: Mohan Kumar Valasala
Institute: SRFTI, Kolkata
Duration: 15:18 mins

4. Film: Rooms
Director: Sangeet Unni
Institute: K.R Narayan
Duration: 10:42 mins

5. Film: Chaaya
Director: Nundrisha Wakhloo
Institute: SACA&C (CDC)
Duration: 24:00 mins

6. Film: Sonyacha amba
Director: Govind Raju
Institute: FTII, Pune
Duration: 10:00 mins

7. Film: Tou-tai
Director: Ashok Veilou
Institute: SRFTI, Kolkata
Duration: 10:33 mins

8. Film: Darya
Director: Sonia Sharan
Institute: SIFT, Rohtak
Duration: 23:46 mins

9. Film: Kramasha
Director: Amit Dutta
Institute: FTII, Pune
Duration: 22:00 mins

Total Duration: 148:43 mins

‘Undiplomatic Tales’- Specially Curated Film Package at KMB 2016

Day 4-February 5

Film- Highway
Marathi/2015/run time: 137 mins
Directed by Umesh Kulkarni

The Marathi movie is about a bunch of passengers travelling through an expressway who are in a hurry to reach their destination. However, their journey is unlike what they expect it to be. The movie provides a dashboard view of life along the Mumbai-Pune expressway

Film Schools
1. Film & Television Institute of India, Pune
2. Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute, Kolkata
3. National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad
4. L V Prasad Film Academy, Chennai
5. Srishti Institute of Art, Design & Technology, Bangaluru
6. K R Narayanan National Institute of Visual Science & Art
7. Dept. of Communication Studies, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra
8. State Institute of Films & Television, Rohtak, Haryana

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