Clowns' Houses by Merlin Puppet Theatre at ITFoK 2017

The 9th Edition of International Theatre Festival of Kerala (ITFoK 2017), organized by Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Akademi, Thrissur started at Thrissur (Kerala) on 20 Feb 2017 (See Details).  The 9-day festival with focus on on street performance with contemporary and traditional theatre will conclude on 28 Feb 2017. Performances will be conducted at various venues ranging from formal spaces like auditoriums, and those in everyday, found spaces, such as the street or park.

The play Clowns’ Houses – A Puppet Theory, for the Human Nothing directed by Dimitris Stamou will be performed on ITFoK 2017 on 25th (04.00 pm) and 26th (11.00 am & 4.00 pm) February 2017 at Black Box Theatre, Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Akademi, Thrissur. The details:

Clowns' Houses by Merlin Puppet Theatre _ ITFoK 2017

Clowns' Houses

– A Puppet Theory, for the Human Nothing
Merlin Puppetry, Germany
Director: Dimitris Stamou
Composer: Achillefs Charmapilas
Duration: 60 Min
Language: Non – verbal / Puppet, Object & Shadow Theatre

The Performance - Clowns' Houses

In ‘Clowns' Houses’ a combination of puppetry techniques coexists. Puppets, tabletop puppet, shadow theatre, object theatre. They are made of wood, pulp and paper, amounting to about 45 cm. The two puppeteers animate puppets and objects, without being visible to the audience whereas realism in animation, the scenic world, the video projecting and the different lighting situations complement the dark beauty of the performance.

The Group
Merlin Puppet Theatre was founded in Athens, Greece in 1995. Its founders, Dimitris Stamou and Demy Papada started their career creating masks and puppets for the theatre. They’ve participated in festivals, exhibitions, conferences, educational seminars and have done hundreds of performances , including workshops on puppet creation and play. Merlin Puppet Theatre operates from Athens and Berlin.

Cast & Credits

Puppet & Set Design: Merlin Puppet Theatre
Puppet Builder: Dimitris Stamou
Costume Builder: Demy Papada
Puppet Manipulation: Demy Papada, Dimitris Stamou
Narration: Chris Androvitsaneas

Director: Dimitris Stamou
Puppetteers: Dimitris Stamou, Demy Papada
Scenery Design: Dimitris Stamou

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