The State, A Solo Performance Directed by Alexander Manuiloff

The 9th Edition of International Theatre Festival of Kerala (ITFoK), organized by Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Akademi, Thrissur started at Thrissur (Kerala) on 20 Feb 2017.  This year the festival will focus on on street performance with contemporary and traditional theatre. Performances will be conducted at various venues ranging from formal spaces like auditoriums, and those in everyday, found spaces, such as the street or park.

The State, a solo performance directed and performed by Alexander 
Manuiloff will be performed at Black Box Theatre, Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Akademi on 24 Feb( 11. 00 am & 04.00 pm) and 25 Feb (11.00 am). The details of the play:
The State by Alexander Manuiloff _ITFoK 2017
The State by Alexander Manuiloff _ITFoK 2017

The State

Solo Performance
Director and Performer : Alexander Manuiloff

Duration:60 min

The play 

“The State” is a performance without actors and without a director.

The performance is just the text, the audience as well as people’s basic conceptions of how to function in a society. The audience is seated in a circle round a table on which letters are placed in a box. Lights go out apart from a spot on the table. There are no instructions. People from the audience will have the freedom to read these letters or do something else with them creating thus their own small society, their own rules how to proceed with the situation and their own unique performance. The first several letters to be opened are designed in a way that, without any prompts, people will want to read them aloud and share with others, thus starting to perform actually. Part of the letters tell the story of the last conscious night of Plamen Goranov before the morning of 20 February 2013 when he burnt himself in front of the Municipal Council of Varna, Bulgaria, protesting for a better society. In reality, he did not leave any letters. This text is all fiction, but based on months of research on who Plamen really was.

The letters share intimate moments of the character’s last minutes on Earth but also open space for discussion about our basic rules, principles, values and – even the fundamentals of theatre. Such as acting or being present. Following the author or being the author. Theatre’s generally authoritative structure whereby some things are said or done on the stage, from somebody else, but the audience is rarely truly involved in the creation, is a process to be questioned. “The performance” as well as its value nowadays is also questioned. The state and the way we organize it is questioned and is there on display to be observed by the acting audience.


Alexander Manuiloff is a Bulgarian writer, dramatist and screenwriter. The first Bulgarian author to be ever invited with a text to one of Europe’s biggest and most influential theatre festivals, Theatertreffen (2015), in its entire history of more than half a century. Alexander's dramaturgy works and films have been shown at some of the most important theatre and film festivals in Europe and beyond, such as Temps d’Images, Globalize:Cologne, Prague Quadrennial, Teszt, Varna Summer, as well as Madrid, Thessaloniki and Istanbul International Film Festivals, Moscow Documentary, Cannes, Miami and Los Angeles Independent Film Fests. Recently he was invited to contribute to the newest project by Germany's Rimini Protokoll theatre collective, writes for a TV series in a pan-European writer's room in Berlin and develops a theatre project for the independent scene in Munich.

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